Fireplace Professionals LLC


Columbus Ohio Fireplace and Chimney Repair
Jerry Mulledy of Fireplace Pros

“Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game.”  -- Tony Allesandra


Fireplace Pros builds from the quote mentioned above by Tony Allesandra in striving to provide a superior service that is second to none within our industry.  However, we also believe that starting from par isn’t acceptable either so we make sure that pricing and quality play a large factor into our equation for success as a company.  Without the competitive pricing, exceptional quality of both workmanship and product, and most of all our dedication to customer service we wouldn’t have been able to exceed our growth expectations year over year as we have.

Our company was originated through a partnership between Jerry Mulledy and Kenny Jackson, two longtime friends that realized there was an opportunity to service homeowners needing Chimney and Fireplace work completed and making sure that their homes and family’s were truly safe.  Having worked in the industry for a few years prior Jerry was able to see the poor quality of work performed on certain jobs and level of unnecessary upsell that was occurring within the industry.  Kenny, having founded and operated his own home inspection company, had noticed the same low quality of work.  In talking, the two decided to partner and expanded 360 Home Services to include chimney and fireplace inspection and repair under and the subsidiary company Fireplace Professionals LLC.  Over the next few years the company grow and expanded based on its reliable reputation of Service, Quality, and Fair Pricing.

As both 360 Home Services and Fireplace Pros, along with other companies Kenny had founded, grew and expanded he felt that it was time to divest some of his holdings and focus on some new ventures. At that time Jerry made the decision to take over the company. Jerry and Kenny continue to work close through referrals in the marketplace and a continued close friendship and Fireplace Pros continues to exceed growth expectations with the same equation of Service, Quality and Fair Pricing as always with an additional goal of providing these services in new markets so that all homeowners can be assured safety and reliability when using their fireplace.

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