Being proactive with your chimney’s maintenance can prevent future costly repairs.

Many problems can go unseen due to the location of the chimney. Most problems go unnoticed until the damage makes its way from the roof to a more noticeable location of the home. Water damage is the most common cause of damage to homes due to chimney problems. Having your chimney inspected is the first step in discovering these issues and remediating the problems. With each inspection our inspectors will provide you with a complete breakdown and explanation of the exterior condition of your chimney along with an estimate if any issues are discovered.

Our services include:

  • Chimney Waterproofing
  • Chimney Cap Installations
  • Crown Repair & Replacement
  • Flashing Repair
  • Smoke Chamber Repair
  • Firebox Repairs
  • Damper Repair
  • Chase Top Replacement
  • Tuckpointing (waterproofing included)
  • Chimney Lining & Relining
  • Interior Fireplace Stain Removal

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